Our School

  • Detroit International Academy for Young Women

    “School of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Medicine”


    Offers a college readiness curriculum in a diverse setting that allows our students to excel academically with an emphasis on Science and Medicine. Our PreK-12th program is a free, all-girls option where building Confidence, Perseverance and Resilience is how our young ladies become legendary in their community. Fostering Innovation is how they become visionaries of the future.

    Our environment is unique because it provides a small learning community that...

    Offers an alternative to traditional co-ed education in a secure, clean, safe and nurturing environment.

    • Reinforces a “Can Do”, “Will Do” mindset
    • Fosters learning that is continuous PreK-12.
    • Guarantees that literacy, math, science and technology are integral components of the curriculum that prepares students from Foundation to Advanced Placement.
    • Encourages both leadership and teamwork
    • Promotes strong role models and Service Learning initiatives