Mary McLoed Bethune

Black and white photo of Mary McLoed Bethune

Our Bethune Core Values

Respect, Self-Control, & Responsibility

About Us

  • Mary McLoed Bethune Elementary and Middle School services scholars from Pre-K through 8th grades. Named after one of the most prominent educators and civil rights advocates of the twentieth century, Mary McLoed Bethune, we proudly follow in her philosophy in yeilding the potential of our community and young people.


    "We must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that they may direct their power to good ends." 

    ~Mary McLoed Bethune


    Not only are we equipped with smart classrooms, state of the art STEM and Mac computer lab, but we are also proud to practice Positive Behavior Supports schoolwide to ensure the culture and language students come in contact with here are based in personal growth and academic achievement.