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Meet Our Counselor, Ms. Manica

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  • A Word From the School Counselor

    My name is Ms. Manica. I will be your school counselor for the year of 2023-2024 and I am excited to be a part of such a great community. My office is located on the second floor, in room 200. I will be assisting teachers, parents, and administration in advocating and assisting student’s in the area of academic, social/emotional and career college readiness success.

  • Culture and Climate

    The counseling department is a safe place and privacy along with confidentiality is top priority. It is overseen by the Dean of Culture and Climate, Ms. Upshaw.

Topics Covered in Counseling

  • What to Expect

    • The school counselor will teach guidance lessons on feelings, friendship, bullying and types of bullying.
    • We will have guidance lessons that include social skills: being a friend, sharing, accepting differences, positive communication, and interaction.
    • Along with that, she will be teaching coping skills to deal with their emotions in a healthy and positive way.
    • Finally, there will be times where you can visit the counselor for individual/group sessions. Those are scheduled at an at-need basis, and regularly.

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  • Why is it important to have access to a counselor?

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    Access to a counselor is important to support people in becoming more joyful and productive in their lives. It provides a 'third space' where people can feel free from judgment, criticism or punishment and allows them to process everyday struggles or difficulties. 

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  • What is counseling?

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    Counseling is a process where licensed professional(s) help guides or provide a safe space for others to resolve social, emotional, or psychological difficulties through different exercises and activities. 

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  • What is PBIS?

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    PBIS stands for Positive Intervention Behavior Support and it is a district-wide culture program that uses best educational practices to encourage effective collaboration and learning in schools. 


    This includes using affirmative language, rather than negative language to encourage appropriate behavior and response. "We walk down the hall quickly and quietly." Versus, "don't walk like that!"

    Positive Behavior Support Website


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