Dress Code

  • School Colors and Option


    Henderson Academy administration has elected to transition from a uniform policy to a student dress code policy. This transition means that students have the option to wear a uniform, but it is not a requirement. Hopefully, with your help and guidance, we can keep this dress code in place and not have to return to the requirement of wearing uniforms.


    With our new dress code policy, there are still guidelines and restrictions. Students are prohibited from wearing the following:

    · NO yoga, stretch pants, leggings, or jeggings

    · NO crop tops or shirts showing any stomach

    · NO Croc shoes – They are deemed to be a hazard in the building

    · NO ripped jeans/shirts or jeans/shirts with holes showing any skin

    · NO undershirts to be worn as shirts

    · NO shirts or hoodies depicting illicit language, drug paraphernalia (i.e. – Cookies), or violence

    · NO skirts or shorts shorter than 2 inches above the knee

    · NO sagging pants or pants showing underwear


    Students who do not adhere to the new dress code will be deemed out of compliance and will receive the following reprimands:

    · 1st Offense – Warning (verbal)

    · 2nd Offense – Mandatory Parent Meeting

    · 3rd Offense – School Suspension and return to mandatory uniform for students