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    Edison Elementary is a PK-5th grade school that promises an enriching education for children. Our school of approximately 350 scholars goes beyond academics, focusing on character development and providing a well-rounded experience. From opportunities like the National Elementary Honor Society to engaging sports teams such as Cheerleading, Basketball, and Track, your child will have ample chances to excel and grow as a leader.

    Additionally, our Montessori program, available from Pre-K to 3rd grade, offers a unique and hands-on approach to education tailored to each child's learning style and pace. Our after-school programs like Kid Economics, Pretty Brown Girls, 3D Dance, and Character Building further enhance the educational experience by providing diverse activities catering to every interest. These programs bolster academic skills and foster creativity, confidence, and social skills crucial for personal growth. With dedicated tutoring services available, Edison Elementary ensures that each student receives personalized support to unleash their full potential. Join our vibrant school community and witness your child thriving academically, socially, and personally at Edison Elementary, where every child shines brightly!



    • Extra Curriculum: Music, Art, Physical Education
    • Sports: Cheer, Basketball, Track
    • National Elementary Honor Society
    • Math/Reading Interventionist, Small Group Instruction
    • After-School Activities: Kid Economics, Pretty Brown Girls, 3D Dance, Character Building, Tutoring
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    PK - 5th
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