• Greeting Durfee Families, 

    Well, here we are, READY and EXCITED to begin the 2021-2022 school year with your child(ren)! We, the administrative team, teachers, and support staff look forward to a productive partnership with you and WELCOME both new and returning students to Durfee School of Excellence. We believe that building and continuously strengthening this partnership will assist with ensuring students are successful and achieve at ‘their’ highest level. This partnership allows for shared responsibility. Support from both the home and the school makes a substantial difference in students’ academic progress.  

    We are mindful that educating students through the pandemic over the past year and a half has had its challenges. For some there was a lack of connectivity which led to learning gaps or deficiencies. In that respect, in addition to academic focus, we are working to promote social and emotional health as students return. There’s potential for growth and development in each student that we, in partnership with you, are anxious to unearth. As such, we ask that you support the learning experience throughout the year in the following ways: 

    • Daily attendance – arriving on time,  
    • Students are prepared to learn,  
    • Open communication with teacher (ask for help if/when needed),  
    • Complete and return assignments, 
    •  Students know that you are cheering for their success 


    We are a uniform school and our daily fashion expectations for students are in place to allow them to feel comfortable focusing on learning daily. K-5 students' shirts are expected to wear light blue or navy and 6th -8th students' should wear black shirts. The shirts should be polo-styled or collared shirts and with khaki, tan or black pants, skirts or jumpers and black rubber soled shoes are preferred. If you need assistance contact the schools office.   

    Educationally yours,  

    Latoyia Webb