10 Reasons Students Should Attend Central


    1. To Learn From Experienced Instructors and Dedicated Leadership: Our dedicated staff is certified to teach in their perspective content areas of instruction. They have years of experience and a vast array of teaching strategies that help to improve the academic success of all learners. 

    2. To Be Better Prepared: Students have the option to enroll in technology-related courses and to receive a certification from NAF after successful completion of the courses. This certification can be presented to potential employers and will assist them in gaining job opportunities

    3. To Learn in Smaller Classes: Student learning opportunities are enhanced by the confidence that they develop when sharing their opinions and asking and answering questions, which also benefits their peers. Teachers move around smaller classes more freely and have better opportunities to observe and assess the class as a whole and the students as individuals.

    4. To Benefit From The Use of Technology: Our course offerings include Coding, Web Design, Sound Design, Digital Video Production and also introduce students to Programming and AP Science Principals.

    5. To Get a Career-Focused Education: Our students have the option of gaining a career-focused education in-house with the use of our Sound Design and Digital Video Production studio equipment. They also have the option to travel offsite to one of the Career Technical Centers which offers programs in Skilled Trades, Culinary Arts and a host of other programs.

    6. To Benefit From Business Partnerships: General Motors, United Way, NAF and Quicken Loans.

    7. To Enter a High Demand Field: Some students choose to enter the workforce immediately after completing high school, while others choose to pursue higher education, join the military or training. Whichever direction our students choose to go, they will be prepared to be successful.

    8. To Get Hands-On Experience: Our students gain introductory experience and work experience in a variety of professions.  They have opportunities to work for companies and organizations that help them to gain hands-on and practical that they can use when seeking future job opportunities.

    9. To Join The Workforce: The skills developed while successfully completing our introductory, College prep, Advanced Placement, technology related courses as well as the certifications that students are able to receive help to prepare them to enter the workforce faster. 

    10. To Participate In Extra-Curricular Activities: There is something FOR EVERYONE  here beyond the classroom, whether it's with our clubs or robotics teams, student leadership, athletics and more. From football and softball champion teams to first participants. Central offers many levels of success for all of its students