Acceptable Dress Code
  • It is the expectation of Central's Administration that students dress in a manner that demonstrates the proud legacy of Central High School. We are school that prides ourselves on being Trailblazers and believe that our students should exhibit that mindset in showing up to school daily dressed in a professional manner. The dress code allows for flexibility while maintaining professionalism and an image of excellence for all Central students.



    Navy blue or black casual, khaki style pants

    Navy blue or black button down shirt (polo style- long or short sleeved)

    Navy blue or black dresses or skirts (must be knee length)

    Belts (any color)

    Closed-toe shoes (any color)

    Navy blue or black hoodies

    Central logo wear




    No open-toed shoes

    No sagging pants

    No sweatsuits or athletic gear

    No denim

    No durags/hats/or non-religious headwear

    No leggings


    **ID must be worn at all times above the waist

    **Hats or hoods are never permitted to be worn in the building