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FDA Students attend KnoPro Challenge

On April 30, 2024, the Detroit Historical Society became a hub of innovation and learning as students from Frederick Douglass Academy immersed themselves in the KnoPro event. Here, within the dynamic setting of the museum, these high school students engaged in real-world problem-solving through the lens of their NAF Pathway. Whether working collaboratively in teams or independently, they tackled pressing issues with fervor and determination, driven by a desire to make meaningful contributions to their community. As they navigated through challenges, they not only built in-demand skills for their resumes or college applications but also earned points that translated into prizes and cash rewards. Beyond the tangible incentives, the experience at KnoPro served as a testament to their commitment to their NAF Pathway, showcasing their ability to apply classroom knowledge to practical, real-life scenarios while fostering a sense of civic responsibility and empowerment.FDA Students, NAF Kno Pro Challenge