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We Want to Hear from All DPSCD Familes


Due to the timeline of DPSCD’s Family Needs Survey that was administered in December and January, the District decided to push back the annual Family Feedback Survey administration to May. The District will use the feedback and experiences of parents to improve future district and school initiatives for the 2021-2022 schoolyear.

Parents can access the survey by visiting the link Family Survey 2021. Parents will be prompted to enter their student’s ID number preceded by a lowercase “f.” For example, a student ID number of 12345 would be entered as f12345. There should not be any dashes or spaces in the number entered. Each family will be assigned one survey per student. Once the survey has been taken, it will no longer be accessible by any other family member.

If you have multiple children who are enrolled in DPSCD. Parents are assigned a survey for each student that the parent has in the District. As a District, we realize that your experience with one student might be different from your experience for another students. We value the experiences of all our families, and we want to give our parents an opportunity to provide insights on their unique experiences as it relates to their unique children.

Students should not take the survey unless they are recording the answers of their parents. If a student takes a survey without their parent’s permission, parents should email to have their survey responses reset.

If you do not know your student’s ID number, all student ID numbers are the numbers in your student’s email address or Clever login. If a parent does not know their student’s ID number or is experiencing any issues with accessing their assigned survey, they should call the District’s Help Desk at (313) 240-4377, 7am – 5pm.

Only families who were enrolled at their current school before April 5th will have a survey assigned to them. While the District believes that the voices of all families are important, we want to make sure that families have experienced DPSCD schools for at least a month prior to taking this survey. Families that enrolled after April 5th are exempt from taking a survey and will have other opportunities through the spring and summer to provide feedback to the District.

DPSCD will use the insights from this survey to guide future District and school initiatives that focuses on improving the experiences of parents and their students.