Master Teachers

    Mallory Aferi (ELA)

    I am proud to serve our K-8 ELA teachers and scholars as we strive towards excellence in literacy. Here at Golightly, we embrace our viable curriculum to increase student proficiency. Our team intentionally works together to identify and implement the best instructional practices. My focus as the ELA Master Teacher is to provide instructional support by co-planning, modeling, and offering data-driven feedback to our ELA teachers. To continue expanding my own knowledge, I regularly attend district-led professional development activities to align our practices at G.E.C. with our district goals. I enjoy serving to enhance the school experience for all of our students here at Golightly.


    Tamara Foster (Math)

    As the Math Master Teacher for Golightly Education Center, my primary goal is to increase student achievement.  I work collaboratively with the math teachers on research-based instructional practices for our Eureka Math curriculum to foster student growth.  My work with my colleagues revolves around analyzing student data to drive instructional decisions, co-planning, modeling, and providing supportive feedback.  As a committed lifelong learner, I am continuously engaged in professional development to enhance my pedagogy, so I can further impact the expertise of the teaching community at Golightly.