Counselors & Exceptional Education

  • Families of students in Exceptional Education, please reach out to Dr. Camelia Gligor, Lead teacher for questions, comments, praises, and/or concerns. Phone: (313) 866-0343.

    Need to reach your counselor?

    Nazzareno Del Greco


    Contact: (313) 866-0343


    College Transition Advisor

    Nathannia Howard


    Contact: (313) 866-0343

    As the Counseling team, it is our privilege to serve your children.  Our primary role here at Osborn is to advocate for our students in Academic, College & Career and Social/Emotional areas.  Some of the services we provide are the following:


    • Monitoring progress toward graduation requirements
    • Scheduling (and interpreting data for proper placement)
    • Attending IEP’s on caseload
    • Managing Personal Curriculum Plans and 504 health plans

    College & Career

    • Educational Development Plans for all students
    • College Representative coordinating
    • PSAT and SAT interpretation and guidance
    • College Application guidance
    • FAFSA guidance (financial aid)
    • Scholarship information and assistance in completion
    • NCAA Eligibility Center guidance (college sports)


    • Individual counseling with students (personal, academic, career)
    • Group Counseling
    • School uniform clothing assistance
    • Organization and recognition of student achievement awards