• Interested in Dual Enrollment?


    Dear FDA Student:

    The application for Dual Enrollment opens, Monday, November 23rd!  Dual enrollment allows for high school students to earn college credits by completing coursework at Wayne County Community College. Any student who is dual enrolling in a class must first receive approval from the high school administration or counselor.

    DE Instructional Structure

    Dual Enrollment courses will be taught using an asynchronous format. This means students will work with the deadlines provided by their instructor and complete most of their work at their own pace. This Academic year all Dual Enrollment courses are on the virtual landscape. While using the virtual format to deliver Dual Enrollment course content is different from how Dual Enrollment has been offered in the past (face to face), the course content is the same, but the format is asynchronous.  However, you are required to check-in on Teams at the time the course is scheduled on your class schedule. 


    Start Date

    Dual Enrollment classes will start on February 3.  Once your registration is processed, your counselor will send your assigned A# to you via email with instructions on how to complete the mandatory BlackBoard Orientation.   The A# is the identification number WCCCD assigns students once their application is processed.  The A# is also used to identify student records and gives students access to the Blackboard platform. 


    Student Application Process

    1. Complete the Online Application
      1. Enter the information as requested to complete the application
    2. Fill out the Parent/Guardian Financial Form
    3. Upload both the online application and the Parent/Guardian Financial Form to Qualtrics no later than, December 11, 2020, @ midnight
    4. Send your Counselor an email indicating the application submitted with courses


    Should you have any questions during the process, please contact, Mrs. Katrina Calhoun (Carmichael)  @ 313-544-8120 or email me at katrina.carmichael@detroitk12.org


    Wishing you Continued Success,

    Mrs. Calhoun (Carmichael)


    In consultation with our partners at WCCCD, the following courses will be offered for students at Douglass Academy:

    BUS 225

    Computer Application Business


    CPD 100

    Career and Professional Development


    CPD 101

    Research Methods


    *CPD- Research Methods is exclusively for seniors.