Dress Code

  • Southeastern Dress for Success Expectations

    The purpose of the SE Dress for Success Dress Expectation is to ensure that each student is dressed in clothing conducive to promoting a positive learning environment and ultimately prepares them for Success in their future career expectations.

    Pants / Slacks  / Shorts / Capris / Skirts

    • Pants must be black, khaki, navy, or grey ( No Denim Material)
    • Pants should not have holes, be frayed, or drag the ground.
    • Pants should be solid in color, with no stripes, two-tones, or extra decorations.
    • Pants must have a waistband, with belt loops.
    • A belt must be worn. Pants should be worn at the waist.
    • No jeans of any type may be worn.
    • No stretch material may be worn.
    • No Yoga Pants, Leggings, are allowed unless worn beneath a skirt or shorts or worn with a long top.
    • Shorts, capris, and skirts must be at the knee level or longer.


    • Shirts must be solidly white, black, or purple
    • Shirts must have a collar and sleeves that are at least 3 inches long
    • Shirts must not be tight, see-through, or provocative.
    • Shirts must be a solid color with no extra decorations.
    • If a shirt has a logo, it must be less than a quarter in diameter.
    • Undershirts may not be worn.
    • Camisoles are not appropriate.
    • Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are allowed.

    Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Warm-up Jackets / Hoodies

    • Sweaters/Sweater vests are allowed, with the appropriate collared shirt worn underneath.
    • Warm-up jackets are allowed. No stripes, decorations, or different colored linings are allowed.
    • Hooded sweatshirts may be worn.
    • Hoods cannot be placed on the head in the building.

    Jackets / Coats

    • Any type of jacket or coat may be worn to school but must be immediately removed and placed in the locker.