Expected Behavior

  • Southeastern High School Area Expectations

    Expected Behaviors for School Cafeteria

    • Stay in line /No cutting.
    • Use inside talking voices at all times.
    • Clean up after yourself. Use trash bins.
    • No Running or Horseplay
    • Respect the cafeteria environment and Cafeteria Staff
    • Follow directions.

    Expected Behaviors for School Auditorium

    • Enter and leave the auditorium quietly.
    • Listen attentively to the directions of any school staff.
    • Use an inside voice until the quiet signal is given, then stop talking.
    • Respect performances with whole body listening.
    • Clap and show appreciation at the end of each performance.

    Expected Behaviors for School Halls

    • Walk to the right of the hall.
    • Use Inside voices.
    • Follow directions of any school staff.
    • Go directly to your destination.
    • Keep hands away from displays and bulletin boards.

    Expected Behaviors for Bathrooms

    • Keep our bathroom clean.
    • Respect the privacy of others.
    • Keep your hands to yourself.
    • Head back to class quickly.
    • Take Care of school property.
    • Use Inside Voices.

    Expected Classroom Expectations

    • Put forth your best effort at all times.
    • Be prepared for class each day.
    • Follow directions when given.
    • Come prepared to learn.
    • Preserve a positive learning environment.
    • Take responsibility for your actions.
    • Respect yourself, the teacher & others.