Dress Code

  • Dress Code
    White Green, or Black Collared or Button Down Shirts

    • Green, Khaki or Black Bottoms
    • Skirts and Dresses Must Be Knee Length All The Way Around
    • No shorts allowed

    It is the expectation of Cass Tech Administration and Cass Association parents that students dress in a manner that demonstrates the proud legacy and brand that Cass Technical High School represents. Cass Tech students are #1 Second to None and as such should exhibit leadership and future professionalism in their daily dress. The Dress Code Policy outlined below allows flexibility while appropriately reflecting an image of excellence for all Cass Technical High School students.


    Color: All shirts or blouses must be white, hunter/forest green, or black. Only SOLID color shirts. NO writing or graphics on shirts or blouses and NO undershirts or Spaghetti straps are permitted. Sweaters such as cardigans are allowed but must be white, hunter/forest green, or black. Cass Tech club apparel and class apparel may be worn on Fridays or otherwise when specified.

    **Hats or Hoods are never permitted to be worn inside the building, with the exception of religious headdress.

    **ID must be visible at all times and worn no lower than the waistline.



    Color: All pants, skirts and dresses must be SOLID khaki, Green or black; no camouflage or other patterns. Dress and skirt lengths must be at the circumference of the knee (front and back).

    Style: Pants should be full length and can be pleated or flat front and appropriately fastened at the waist. NO rips, distress or holes in the pants, skirts, or dresses.


    **Shorts, Leggings, Jeggings, Jogging/Yoga Pants, Sweatpants, or Footless Hosiery are not permitted at any time.


    Style: Athletic shoes, laced shoes and/or shoe boots, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed toed/closed heel shoes of any color. Mules described as closed toed and open heel are acceptable. 

    **House shoes/slippers, flip-flops, steel toed-boots, sandals or any other type of footwear that could constitute a safety hazard are prohibited.   

    Prohibited Atire

    • Clothing that inappropriately exposes the body
    • Items with obscene/inappropriate language
    • Clothing or accessories that symbolize violence or weaponry
    • Shorts, Leggings, Jeggings, Jogging/Yoga Pants, Sweatpants or Footless Hosiery
    • Tank tops or spaghetti straps
    • Transparent garments