• The Dean of Culture is a Facilitator of the DPSCD Code of Conduct which promotes PBIS-Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and Social Emotional Learning. The Dean of Culture applies non-punitive approaches to redirect challenging behavior and restorative practices. Click here for more information about PBIS: https://www.pbis.org/

    The Code of Conduct provides rules and regulations to govern student behavior during school, en route to and from school and at school related events.  Parents and students are encouraged to review its contents to better understand the district's and the school's policies on student's rights, appropriate school conduct, attendance, dress code and code violations process/procedures. 



    During COVID-19, the Dean of Culture conducts virtual classrooms visits, hold virtual conferences and carryout virtual wellness checks. 

    The Dean of Culture has also continued virtual Check-in/Check-out conferences via Teams' call feature and/or Teams' chat function to ensure the safety and wellness of Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.

    PBIS Tier 1 Students

    PBIS Tier 2 Students

    PBIS Tier 3 Students