What is PowerSchool Parent Portal?

    The parent portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that parents can log in to and see all of their children in one place, their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, and school bulletins for each school your children attend. If you have one student in middle school and one in high school, parents will see bulletins for both the middle school and high school. Below are some resources to frequently asked questions about PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    Powerschool Parent Tutorial Video

    How do I log into PowerSchool?

    How can I find my account information?

    Contact your school or district for access information and instructions. You can visit your school, or district website, or speak with your school or district administrators. PowerSchool logins are granted by schools and districts. Each school will verify your identity before giving you an account to help protect student data and privacy. From there, you can log in to your school or district’s respective portal

    You will need to get the following information from your school or district

    Link to Parent or Student Portal 

    Access ID for the student(s)

    To log in for the first time:

    1. Access the Parent or Student Portal. Each school or district has a unique link for parents and students to access their portals. You can receive this link from your school or district administrators. Links are specific to each school or district, and PowerSchool as a company does not publish a list of all the web addresses for all of our clients.

    2. Create an Account. Once in the Parent or Student Portal, you will need to create an account. Be sure to store your username and password in a secure manner.

    3. Add your students. Use the Access ID for each of your students to link them to your account. 

    Once you have created an account:

    1. Visit the Parent or Student Portal

    2. Enter your username and password • Note: Registration must be done via the school/district web portal.


    PowerSchool Mobile App

    The PowerSchool Mobile App gives parents and students instant access to information they need to stay up-to-date on student grades, performance, and attendance.

    •Receive real-time push notifications with updates about grades, scores, attendance, assignments, teacher comments, daily bulletins, schedules, and fee transactions

    •Access all of your children in one portal

    •View grades, assignments, attendance, GPA, and more

    •View announcements from school

    •Designed for iPhones/iOS, tablets, and Google/Android devices


    Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. Once you download the app, watch this video on how to use the PowerSchool Mobile App: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA8gI-gTlMI&feature=youtu.be