• Financial Assistance

    My utilities (lights, gas, water) were turned off, who can I call? 


    Clear Corps / Detroit Section One: Buyer Beware–Home Buying Education Service Providers: Central Detroit Christian CDC 8840 Second Ave.; Detroit, MI 48202
    Phone: 313-873-0064 Contact:

    Sheena Hill Mission of Peace 333 W. Fort St. Suite 1350; Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-967-0140 Contact: Carol Long

    Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Service Providers: University of Detroit Mercy Law School Foreclosure Defense Clinic 651 E. Jefferson Ave; Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-596-9846 Contact: Joon Sung

    Property Tax Assistance Service Providers: Michigan Legal Services and United Community Housing Coalition 220 Bagley Suite 900; Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-964-4130 Contact: Lynette Adams

    Utility Assistance Service Providers: DTE Energy Phone: 800-477-4747

    Warm Training Center 4835 Michigan Ave; Detroit, MI 48210 Phone: 313-894-1030

    Detroit Water and Sewage Department 735 Randolph; Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-267-8000

    Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency to get your service restored: Phone: 313-386-9727 Restoration is a $25 fee and then $25 per month during time of Coronavirus emergency.


    Comcast is offering limited support services for those affected by COVID-19


    AT&T is offering limited support services for those affected by COVID-19

    https://about.att.com/pages/COVID-19.html Phone: 855220-5211

    Information for Renters Service Providers: Legal Aid and Defender Association Inc. 613 Abbott; Detroit, MI 48226 Phone: 313-967-5665 Contact: Regina Daniels Thomas

    Salvation Army/William Booth Legal Aid Clinic 3737 Lawton; Detroit, MI 48208 Phone: 313-361-6340

    State Emergency Relief, General Programs and Resources Service Providers: DHS State Emergency Relief Phone: 855-275-6424

    Wayne Metro Community Action Agency 2121 Biddle Suite 102 Wyandotte, MI 48192 Phone: 734-284-6999 or 313-388-9799

    Freddie Mac https://myhome.freddiemac.com/getting-help/relief-for-homeowners.html

    Fannie Mae https://www.fanniemae.com/portal/media/corporate-news/2020/covid-homeowner-assistance-options-7000.html