Medical and Mental Health

    My child’s teacher died and my child is so upset, what do I tell them? 

    I’m feeling alone right now, can someone please talk to me?  

    I have tried hard not to hurt myself, when I'm upset, what do I do? 

    We’ve lost a loved one, who can help? 

    What do I do if I am running a fever?

    I am suffering from depression and anxiety, what can I do


    Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Phone: 313- 833-2500 Website: http://dwihn.org Helpline: 800-241-4949 TTY: 800-603-1044 

    Southwest Counseling Solutions (Adults & Children) Phone: 313-841-8900

    CHASS Clinic (Adults & Children; they have programming specifically for individuals in domestic violence situations-La Vida Program) Phone: 313-849-3920 

    The Guidance Center (Adult & Children) Phone: 734-785-7700 Additionally, they have a mental health crisis line 888-771-5465

    New Oakland Family Centers (Family Mental Health Services) Phone: 800-395-3223 New Oakland also provides crisis screenings for individuals feeling unsafe/engaging in self harm.

    The Children's Center (infant-18-years old) Phone: 313-262-1212 As of right now, TCC is only taking preliminary information as they stated they cannot do intakes over the phone. However, I would still encourage giving out this resource as there will have to come a time when they start over the phone intakes like the other agencies.


    Substance Abuse

    Sobriety House 2081 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48208 Phone: 313-895-0500 Website: www.sobrietyhouse.net Hours: Open 24 hours

    Metro East Substance Abuse 1475 Outer Dr E, Detroit, MI 48234 Phone: 313-369-8678 Website: https://www.rehab.com/michigan Hours: 24 Hours

    Metro East Substance Abuse 13929 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI 48213 Phone: 313-371-0055 Website: https://sobernation.com/rehab/michigan/ Hours: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

    Medical Resources Health Emergency Lifeline Programs (HELP) 1726 Howard St, Detroit, MI 48216 Phone: 313-832-3300 Email: help@helpoffice.org Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM