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    Welcome to Carleton Elementary, with over 400 students, where learning is an adventure and every day is a chance for your child to shine! As a PK-5 school, we're passionate about nurturing exceptional leadership skills and academic excellence in our students. Being the district's pioneering “Leader In Me” school, we're dedicated to instilling the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leadership in all our young learners. At Carleton, we believe in laying a strong academic foundation that prepares students for higher education and equips them with life skills for success.

    Our vibrant curriculum goes beyond the basics, offering a spectrum of exciting classes from dance to computers, ensuring a well-rounded education for your child. With extracurricular activities we tap into diverse talents, fostering a culture of creativity and teamwork. At Carleton, we create a safe and supportive learning environment where students feel motivated to excel with robust security measures and dedicated support services, including counseling and partnerships with organizations. We prioritize our students' and families' social and emotional well-being. Join us at Carleton Elementary, where every child is encouraged to R.O.A.R. - Realize Our Ability to Roar!


    • Chess
    • Co-Ed Cheer Team
    • Soccer Team - East Side Champions
    • Dance Curriculum (Ballet, Modern, Free)
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