• Congratulations to all the Students of the Month.  Contiune to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, Engaged, and Strong at home and at school.

    If you are wondering how you can be the Student of the Month in the upcoming months here are some things to think about and work towards.


    • Does the student prepare for classroom activities?
    • Does the student go above and beyond his/her role as a student?
    • Has the student made significant progress in your classroom?
    • Has the student been working to their potential?
    • Does the student have all work turned in?


    • Is the student a positive role model?
    • Does the student actively participate and put forth full effort?
    • Does the student demonstrate respect to the student body, staff, and faculty?
    • Does the student exhibit good character?
    • Does the student follow school rules?
    • Does the student arrive to school and to class on time?