Behavior Expectations

  • Expected Classroom Expectations

    • Be kind to everyone
    • Be patient with each other
    • Encourage each other
    • Listen to the Lesson 
    • Always try to do your best
    • Be a good role model
    • Keep your class work and desk organized
    • Keep chair legs on the floor
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    Expected Behaviors for School Hallways

    • Voice Level 0
    • Walk to the right side in line
    • Follow assigned route 
    • Carry hall pass if not with adult
    • Face forward 
    • Observe personal space

    Expected Behaviors for School Cafeteria

    • Use Voice Level 2
    • Stay in line
    • Wait your turn
    • Eat only your own food
    • Use restroom before lunch
    • Pick up trash
    • Sit with feet on floor and bottom on the bench

    Expected Behaviors for School Recess 

    • Take turns
    • Use equipment wisely
    • Play fair
    • Return equipment
    • Stay in assigned area
    • Walk to and from play area