• Cell Phone Policy

    At Marshall, we understand parent's efforts to keep children safe. We recognize the dangers our students face and how important cellular communication is for them. However, we also know how distracting cell phones can be in regard to academics, specifically classroom attentiveness. As a result, our team has implemented the following guidelines regarding cell phone usage during school hours. We appreciate your efforts to assist us in keeping students safe, focused, and alert!

    • Cell phone usage is closely monitored during school hours, and strictly prohibited during class time. 
      • Alternatively, students may use the school phone in the classroom in the event of an emergency.
    • Any phone found turned on during class time will be confiscated.
    • As our policy expressly forbids the use of cellphones during school hours, Thurgood Marshall is not responsible, liable, or accountable for any lost, damaged, or stolen devices.
    • Any student found using cellular devices to record fights/obscenities/general mayhem and/or to cyber-stalk, cyberbully, or harass any other student will be suspended, and their device confiscated for up to 10 days.

    If your child's cellular device has been confiscated, you may retrieve it from the Dean's Office.