School Hours

  • Our school day is from 9:00 am-4:10 pm. To ensure students make the most of the academic day, no student will be admitted past 12 noon without a prior administrative override.

    To apply for a Medically Authorized Override, please download the form here.

    For a general schedule, please refer to the list below. For a more detailed list, please  contact the Main Office.

Daily Schedule

  • Please consult the following chart for more information on your child's schedule at Marshall. 


    Homeroom  9:00 a.m.  9:14 a.m.    
    1st  hr.       9:16 a.m.   10:06 a.m.   
    2nd hr        10:08 a.m.   10:58 a.m.
    K-4th LUNCH 11:00-11:52 am*
    5-8th LUNCH 11:52 a.m.- 12:42 pm*
    5th hr            12:44 p.m.   1:34 p.m. 
    6th hr            1:36 p.m.    2:26 p.m.
    7th hr       2:28 p.m.  3:18 p.m.    
    8th hr  3:20 p.m.  4:10 p.m.    

    *These periods count as 3rd and 4th hours respectively for students not at lunch.  

    Free and Planning Periods

    Teachers are often allocated certain times of the day for extra planning. During these times, they generally do not have students, and thus have more time available to meet with parents. In the event that you require a meeting with a teacher, we ask that you consult the following chart to determine their free period, and schedule accordingly. 

    Please note that teacher free periods are not synonymous with office hours. Therefore, if you request a meeting during a teacher's free period with no prior notice, your request may not be granted. The best way to schedule a meeting with a teacher is to contact them during their free period and schedule something for a later date.

    Grade Teacher Name  
          Roe Ellis  
    K 1:36-2:26 pm 12:44-1:34 pm
         Randall McCollum
    1st  2:28-3:18 pm  
          Davis Lloyd Woods
    2nd 10:08-10:58 am 12:44-1:34 pm
          Fowler Wiggins  
    3rd  9:16 am-10:06 am  
         Johnson Lofgren  
    4th  9:16- 10:06 am  
    5th      Hopkins Long-Sanders
      2:28-3:18 pm  
        McKnight Ms. Walker
    6th  2:28- 3:18 pm  
      McKinney      Mr. Walker  
    7th 10:08-10:58 am      3:20-4:10 pm  
        Portis        Smith  
    8th 10:08-10:58 am    11:00-11:50 am  
    Subject Teacher Name  
    Art 11:52-12:42 pm    
    Spanish 9:16- 10:06 am    
    Gym Page    
      11:00-11:50 am