• Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    Morning Intake

    All students except ESE and Preschool students, enter through Door 1 (Linwood). This door opens at 8:50 am. 

    All DPS transportation students enter and exit through Door 2.


    Your child's safety is our top priority at Thurgood Marshall. To ensure the continued safety of our community, building security is stationed at various locations throughout the day. During dismissal, these agents are stationed at Door 1 (Linwood) and Door 5 (Midland) to monitor students as they exit campus.

    Dismissal Doors

    Teachers escort their classes outside using the respective exit door assigned to their grade. These doors have been predetermined by administration. 

    Please note, to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of dismissal, students cannot be dismissed to doors not assigned to their grade.

    Parents, please use the list provided below to locate your child's dismissal door and prepare accordingly.


    Intake/Entrance: Door 2 (Lodge)

    Dismissal: Door 2 (Lodge)

    Kindergarten - Third

    Intake/Entrance: Door 1 (Linwood)

    Exit: Door 5 (Midland)  

    Fourth through Eighth 

    Intake/Entrance: Door 1 (Linwood)

    Exit: Door 1 (Linwood)


    Remember, all transportation students enter and exit through Door 2. 

    If you have questions about your child's specific route, please call transportation at (313) 945-8600.