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    In partnership with the Detroit Red Wings and Chevrolet, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) envisions the Elementary Road and Bicycle Safety in Detroit Program as a pathway to help fulfill our commitment to the whole child. This program spreads the impact across the city to numerous schools and aligns to our core value of equity. It puts bikes and safety education in more schools and neighborhoods. 
    Scope of the Program:
    Schools with gym facilities and physical education teachers will be eligible to participate in the program this year. For equity, we’ll select schools from across the district. The program will target second graders exclusively, and will serve as a pilot program for an eventual District-wide second grade bicycle safety initiative.
    The program will consist of two major components: a bicycle safety and bicycle training program. DPSCD will develop curriculum for the safety and training program; The Red Wings and Chevrolet will provide schools with bicycles to teach the students (~5-10 bikes per school). Together, we’ll plan and coordinate the culminating program.
    Over the course of the program’s four-week curriculum, students will learn how to ride a bicycle safely and then give them the opportunity to practice riding in an organized community ride. To prepare, students will learn bike and road safety, including: how to perform a bike check, how to properly fit a helmet, proper hand signals, and to identify road signs.  Selected schools will work with the District to implement a common curriculum. After completing the program, all students will gather for a celebratory culminating event at the Little Caesar’s Arena Chevrolet plaza. 

    Stevens T. Mason Academy has been selected to participate in the Detroit Red Wings & Chevrolet Road and Bicycle Safety initiative.  Thursday, May 16, 2019 was our kick-off for the initiative.  Our physical education teachers, Coach Rebecca Melfi and Coach Nigel Adams used our back parking lot to create our 2nd grade bicycle safety course.  We are all excited to have such a wonderful initiative taking place here at Mason Academy and look forward to the expansion of the program.