Robotics Club

  • student and robot   2 Students at robotics  fll team  6 students at robotic fair

    Stevens T. Mason Academy has embarked on its Robotics STEM Initiative.  5th Grade Homeroom Teacher, Theresa Finklea and School Culture Facilitator Douglas Johnson work with elmentary and middle school students during the day and on the wekends to assemble and operate state of the art robot

Gentleman's Club

  • Gentlemen's Club at Art Museum  gentlemen's club getting neck ties

    These are our active members of the Mason Academy Gentleman’s Club. They will hold themselves to the highest standard of

    being gentleman.

    They will use kindness and manners towards everyone. They will have respect for themselves, other students, staff members, and school


    They will set realistic goals, short term and long term. They will work everyday towards reaching their goals. They will conduct themselves as exceptional students in the classroom and hallway. They will take responsibility for their actions. They will uphold and live up to the standards of being member

    of the Gentleman’s Club.

     Coach Nigel Adams and School Culture Facilitator Douglas Johnson sponsor these young men.