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    "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science." - Albert Einstein

    Mason Academy's Art Program exposes students to classical and contemporary artists.  Providing opportunities to work in various media forms and using technology and internet resources as a means of giving students a chance to create masterpieces of their own.


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    This student artwork reflects the works done by artist, Sandra Silberzweig. “Sandra Silberzweig was born and raised in Toronto Canada. She is what we call a contemporary artist because she is still alive and active in the art world. She uses a lot of lines, shapes, bright, vibrant colors, and patterns in her work. Silberzweig has synestia, which means she see colors and shapes different from the rest of us. Everything to her is bolder and extraordinary and it’s shows in her artwork.”

    The talented students of Mason Academy saw some of her work and were immediately inspired to create their own interpretations of Silberzweig’s work. In just two class sessions, Mr. Grayson’s 5th Grade students created a Sandra Silberzweig Selfie, which is a piece of work that mocks that of a self portrait but with much more color and detail. Students started off by drawing out the facial features with pencils and then outlining with marker. Once completed they moved on to adding color using chalk pastel. Pencil, marker, and chalk pastel are three different tools and mediums in art and our 5th grade students were able to incorporate them all in one assignment. The most noteworthy thing about this assignment is that it was the students’ drive, passion, and freedom of expression that made it into an assignment to begin with. Our students wanted to define what art meant to them and that’s exactly what you see in their beautiful artwork.– Jayson Grayson (Mason Academy Art Teacher)