D-DOT Bus Transportation FAQs

  • The following are some frequently asked questions regarding D-DOT bus transportation.

    How do I qualify for a D-DOT bus card for public transportation?

    Free and reduced D-DOT bus cards will be distributed 2 weeks after start-up of student’s high school. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

    1. Student must attend their neighborhood school.
    2. Student must receive meal benefits.
    3. Student must reside more than 1½ mile from the assigned school.

    Reduced-fare passes may be available directly from the student’s neighborhood high school.

    What can I use to ride the D-DOT bus at the beginning of the school year until bus cards are issued?

    • Students with a bus card from last school year will be allowed to board D-DOT buses for the first 2 weeks of school until the new passes are issued at the free or reduced rate indicated on the card.
    • Students with high school identification cards can ride the D-DOT for $0.75 cent each way until the new cards are issued within the first two weeks of school.
    • All Students will be allowed to ride the D-DOT bus with no pass or student id for the first day of school only for the reduced fare price of $0.75 cent each way.
    • Detroit Public Schools students who do not have a high school identification card or a bus card from last year will be issued a reduced fare card on the 1st day of school.
    • EXAMPLE: 8th graders attending a new high school or others who may not have student identification but qualify for a free or reduced fare pass under the Districts Transportation policy. The pass will allow students to ride for $0.75 cent each way until new passes are issued on the 2nd week of school.

    My student lost his/her D-DOT bus card. How does the student obtain a replacement bus card?

    Notify the school of the need for a replacement card. The school forwards a request to Transportation who sends the school the replacement card. If another card needs to be replaced per students, it must be purchased from D-DOT at $136.50 per semester.

    How do I get answers to school transportation questions?

    Contact the Transportation Information Center at 313-945-8600. A Customer service agent will either answer your inquiry or direct your call to an individual who can best assist you.