• Our goal is to reach the whole student and prepare them for college and career readiness.  Many of our electives and academics give students the opportunity to have real-world experiences, including things like gardening in math, becoming published authors in English, and working with local organizations to prepare for interviews or work-based tasks, but we also like to provide our students with other experiences through athletics, programs, and clubs.  Participation in these allow students to further build teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and a myriad of other skills. 

NAF Program

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    Crockett Midtown is a NAF academy. "NAF academies are structured as small, focused learning communities that fit within and enhance high school systems. They provides rigorous, career-focused curricula that incorporate current industry standards and practices, project-based learning, and performance-based assessment. NAF empowers teachers to expand the classroom boundaries by exposing students to real-world issues in career-focused industries through connections with industry professionals and the business community. Students acquire essential workplace skills and 21st-century competencies to be future-ready for college and career."
    At Crockett Midtown High School, our Academy of Health Science academy enrollment is open to all students regardless of academic history. Our academy focuses on offering enhanced learning and career exposure in the health and science pathway with opportunities for students to participate in paid externships during their senior year.
    Benefits of our NAF academy include:
    • Rigorous, career-focused curriculum
    • Project-based learning
    • Enhanced academic rigor
    • Advisory Boards with strong collaborations with industry, post-secondary education and the community 
    • Work-based learning opportunities
    For more information about our academy, please email carlyss.lewis@detroitk12.org.
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Work Based Learning / Externships


    Work-Based Learning is defined as sustained and progressively intensive interactions with employers or community professionals in real workplace settings. At Crockett Midtown High School ALL students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of work-based learning experiences. These experiences may come in the form of workplace field trips, career pathway speakers, career fairs, student projects in collaboration with industry professionals, mock interviews, job shadowing, and internships/apprenticeships... just to name a few.

    Internships (WBL Course)

    During their senior year, students will have the opportunity to sign up for the Work-Based Learning Course. This course is a 3-period class in which students will learn critical skills to support a successful transition into employment. They will learn about workplace safety, interview skills, resume writing, work ethics and other key skills while preparing for placement into internship positions.

    Internship opportunities will vary from year to year, but previous placements include Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan Human Society, Veterans Affairs Hospital, DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and Urban Alliance. Students generally leave school towards the end of the fourth hour to attend their internship placement where they may work approximately 3-4 hours each day. Most internships will be paid with students receiving a stipend at the end of their placement.

    Things to keep in mind.

    • Reach out to your counselor towards the end of your junior year or as soon as school begins during your senior year if you would like to be placed in an internship position. You must be on track for graduation in order to participate in this program.
    • Some internship placements may have additional requirements such as vaccinations (Covid, Flu), TB testing, etc. Currently all hospital placements require Covid Vaccinations. Discuss with your parents early if you want to intern at a hospital and need vaccinations.
    • Scrubs (navy blue) are required for hospital placements.
    • Depending on DPSCD and the employer's guidance, internships may be in-person, virtual or hybrid.
    For more information about Work Based Learning, please email carlyss.lewis@detroitk12.org.
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Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)


    Certified Medical Assistant prepares students for the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Certification. The program will touch on health care systems and settings, medical terminology, basic pharmacology, nutrition, psychology, body structures and organ systems, pathophysiology and disease processes, microbiology, general patient care, patient care coordination, communication and customer service, medical law and ethics, and core knowledge and skills.

    Students participate in HOSA

    • HOSA provides recognition opportunities for career-minded students
    • Global student-led organization providing unique experiences
    • Participate in competitions and network with students from all over
    • Leadership and Conference opportunities
    • Opportunities to refine and develop technical, leadership, and team skills

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  • Dual-Enrollment is offered to students in their senior year. Through our partnership with Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), students are able to participate in college-level courses while attending high school. Upon successfully completing courses, students will receive college credits.

    Things to keep in mind.

    • Reach out to your counselor towards the end of your junior year or as soon as school begins during your senior year if you are interested in dual-enrollment. You must be on track for graduation in order to participate in this program.
    • Courses may be administered either virtually, in-person or hybrid based on DPSCD and WCCCD guidance.
    • Available courses will vary each semester. 

    Please reach out to your counselor (marques.blanford@detroitk12.org) for additional details and to enroll.