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    Ben Carson is a NAF academy. "NAF academies are structured as small, focused learning communities that fit within and enhance high school systems. They provide rigorous, career-focused curricula that incorporate current industry standards and practices, project-based learning, and performance-based assessment. NAF empowers teachers to expand classroom boundaries by exposing students to real-world issues in career-focused industries through connections with industry professionals and the business community. Students acquire essential workplace skills and 21st-century competencies to be future-ready for college and career."
    At Ben Carson, our Academy of Health Science academy enrollment is open to all students, regardless of academic history. Our academy focuses on offering enhanced learning and career exposure in the health and science pathway with opportunities for students to participate in paid externships during their senior year.
    Benefits of our NAF academy include:
    • Rigorous, career-focused curriculum
    • Project-based learning
    • Enhanced academic rigor
    • Advisory Boards with strong collaborations with industry, post-secondary education and the community 
    • Work-based learning opportunities
    For more information about our academy, please email carlyss.lewis@detroitk12.org.
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