FDA Hurricanes Basketball 2019-2020

    FDA Hurricanes with Coach Pierre Brooks 2019/2020



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City Champs-Track and Field 2019
  • Dream Kings


    Dream Kings with Mr. Malcolm


    The Dream Kings Leadership Program is designed to share and teach the principles of manhood. The program helps young men realize their Passions, Purposes and Powers, so that they can have strong productive futures.  The Dream Kings Leadership Program utilizes coaching, courses, peer to peer accountability, positive male role models and out of school opportunities for exposure and experience.  To help the young men to realize their full potential and some of their wildest dreams.  The program is based on the foundation of brotherhood.  As well as the journey to becoming, thinking and dreaming like a Dream King.  The Dream Director/Community Engagement Director Detroit is Mr. William Malcolm of The Future Project.

  • Robotics


    FDA Robotics Team 2019  

    FDA Robotics

    FDA Robotics 2019