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Why choose Cass Tech? Because, this opportunity exists no where else!

Detroit, MI - On Tuesday, Faron K. Paramore, Deputy Director of Homeland Security, visited Cass Tech High School to meet with students and faculty members in hopes of recruiting future leaders for the department.

The visit was part of the department's ongoing efforts to increase diversity and representation within the agency. Deputy Director Faron K. Paramore, a former graduate, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to engage with the bright minds of Cass Tech High School, which has a reputation for academic excellence and producing successful graduates.

During his visit, Deputy Director Paramore met with students from various academic programs, including computer science, engineering, and political science. He also spoke with faculty members to discuss the department's current initiatives and to offer his insights on the importance of public service and national security.

Deputy Paramore emphasized the importance of diversity within the department and expressed his desire to recruit individuals from all backgrounds, including women and minorities. He encouraged students to consider careers in public service and to explore the opportunities available to them within Homeland Security.

Cass Tech High School's principal, Lisa Phillips, expressed her gratitude for Deputy Director Paramore's visit and praised the department's efforts to engage with the school's students and faculty members. She noted that the visit provided an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the various career paths available to them and to gain insights into the importance of national security.

Overall, Deputy Director Paramore's visit was a success, and the department looks forward to continuing to engage with Cass Tech High School to recruit the next generation of leaders in national security and public service.