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CT Get Caught on Camera!



Purpose: Cass Tech students are challenged with being visible on camera, daily, during class instruction. Objective: To increase peer and teacher engagement, daily class attendance, and overall student achievement. Application:

✓ Students will log in daily to class Teams’ meetings

✓ Students will turn cameras on and be visible on screen

✓ Administration will visit classes throughout the day and randomly select students “Caught on Camera”

✓ Administration will send a private message to the student advising they have been “Caught on Camera” and prize pick-up day.

✓ Students can pick up prizes from Cass Tech on a weekly basis during a specified time.

✓ Administration will submit names and screenshots for view during morning announcements and Cass Tech’s website.

Start Date: January 22, 2021 Weekly Prizes:

❖ CT masks

❖ CT paraphernalia

❖ Much, much, more