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Still Need Help Logging In?

  1. All of the emails listed below are very responsive and will help you get situated with the virtual learning walls. Please remember to check your Username and Password Creation before moving on to these troubleshooting methods.

The username will consist of the students ID # with appended on. For example 

Enter the student’s password. The password will consist of the following: First letter of first name in upper case First letter of last name in lower case 2 digit of their birth month 2 digit of their birth year 01 (male) or 02 (female) For example: Jane Doe’s birthday is May 13, 2004. Her password is Jd050402

For help with logging into PowerSchool:

If it says you need Web Access then, will be able to provide that for you. 

For help with logging into Clever:

For help with logging into Teams/Schoology:

If logging in to Teams on a tablet, IPAD, etc. You must add the app in Google Play, App Store. Teams would prefer you are on an actual desktop/laptop version, where you download the program on your CPU and not use the web version.