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9th-12th Grade Summer Enrichment (Due by September 7,2020)


9th-12th Grade Summer Reading listed below with Edmodo codes listed by grade level. Brought to you by the English Department 


c/o 2021

c/o 2022

c/o 2023 & c/o 2023 Assignment

c/o 2024


C/O 2021 Edmodo code: kqkv3p
C/O 2022 Edmodo code: vheqd7
C/O 2023 Edmodo code: 87edpu
C/O 2024 Edmodo code: qrkrca
Summer Math Enrichments 
Steps for Adding A Class to Your Account
1.Go to
2.Log-in to your account.
3.Click on Tools
4.Click Manage Log-in & Teachers
5.Click Add Teacher
6.Use the Teacher Code, Listed below, for your graduating class.
Steps for Creating an Account
1.Go to
2.Click on create an account, then student.
3.Enter the Delta Math code for your graduating class.
Class Delta Math Code
Class of 2021 711493
Class of 2022 705463
Class of 2023 974023
Class of 2024 287432
Complete all work by September 7, 2020. Email Vice Principal Perry,, if you have any questions