• Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

    To benefit from the primary purpose of the school experience, it is essential that each student maintain regular and punctual daily attendance in all classes. Class attendance is necessary for learning and academic achievement; as well as for developing the habits and responsibilities of punctuality, dependability, and self-discipline.

    School opens each morning at 7:30am for free breakfast; 1st hour begins promptly at 8:00am. Students are dismissed from scheduled classes at 3:20pm and should leave campus immediately, unless they are involved in tutoring, credit recovery, athletics or other adult-sponsored extra-curricular activities.

    Attendance is a high priority at Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School@Northwestern. Student achievement and attendance are go hand in hand. Please ensure your student attends school every day. Their education depends on it. If you are having trouble getting your child to school daily, please call the school at (313) 899-7370 to ask for the help of a counselor or social worker. We are here to serve you.


    The State of Michigan has a Compulsory Education Law (MCLA 380.1561), which makes it the responsibility of the parents or guardians to see that any child between the ages of 6 and 16 attends school properly equipped to participate in the school activities. The child’s attendance must be continuous and consecutive for the school year. Violations of this law occur “if a child is repeatedly absent from school without valid excuse.” This can include a pattern of tardiness, early dismissal or a pattern of absences.