Fleming Building


  • Turning Point Academy Day Treatment Center services students with severe emotional impairments. 

    Our school provides the following

    1. Small class setup, there is 1 teacher, 1 aide, 10 students per class size

    2. Two computer labs 

    3. Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team

    4. Calm Classroom

    5. Restorative Practice

    6. The students run the point store. The students can earn points for Positive Behavior and they are able to spend their earned in the point store.

    7. Support Staff: School Social Workers, Music Therapy, Behavior Specialist, Counselor, and Crisis Team 

    8. Community-Based Instruction and Service Learning

    Turning Point Academy is where students can come when they are not successful in their least restrictive learning environment.  The student will be provided the support and skills necessary for them to return to their respective schools.

  • Academics
  • Special Programs
  • Turning Point at Fleming

    18501 Waltham
    Detroit, MI 48205

    Office: (313) 347-8895

    Fax: (313) 748-6126

    Mr. Derrick Graves, Principal


    • One-to-One Program (a computer for every student)
    • Physical Education Classes
    • Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Computer Lab
    • Music Therapy
  • Kindergarten - 12th Grades Served
  • No Application Required
  • 9:00 am - 4:10 pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Transportation
  • 26 Students Enrollment
  • Yes Uniform