Turning Point Academy

  • Outside Building

    Turning Point Academy (TPA) is a center-based day treatment school for the Detroit Public School Community District that services the North Eastern region of Wayne County. The program services severely emotionally impaired students in grades K through 12th. The purpose of the Day Treatment Program is to provide the support necessary to enable the student to transition back to the resident LEA/PSA successfully.

    Day Treatment is an appropriate educational placement in the continuum of educational services available to students with severe emotional impairments who cannot benefit from placement in a general education classroom with teacher consultant services, resource room program or a categorical "EI" classroom in a local school setting.

    Day Treatment provides students with the (Common Core State Standards) curriculum required for a state-endorsed diploma. The K- through eight curricula that TPA offers are Eureka Math and EL Education. Also, the high school curriculum is online program Edgenuity.

    1. Stimulate, energize and coordinate professional activities within the school.
    2. External stakeholders build resources for student learning.
    3. Create an environment for mutual responsibility and accountability for supporting students and creating change.
    4. Build connections between old practices and new methods,
    5. Develop professional learning communities and organizational learning with specific intention of changing the school culture/climate.
    6. Sustain a vision of schooling that emphasizes dignity and changing lives.
    7. Adopt an attitude of serving and doing while remaining focused on long term strategic goals while attending to daily task to ensure smooth operations.