Mission Statement

  • Bagley's mission is to empower scholars to strive for academic excellence by creating a high performing, nurturing and stimulating learning environment with the integration of Journalism and Technology to ensure that all students succeed in a competitive, technological and diverse global society.

John J. Bagley Elementary

  • Bagley Elementary School John J. Bagley Elementary School of Journalism & Technology offers Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grades a safe, nurturing, and innovative learning environment. We provide our Bagley scholars a Journalism and Technology themed program, a rigorous new English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum, and a dedicated staff that encourages high expectations and academic excellence for all.  All students are provided with laptops, and Art, Journalism, Music, and Physical Education Electives.  Students have an opportunity to participate in a multitude of activities and programs to enhance their educational experience at Bagley. Our Principal’s Rhodes Scholars After School Enrichment Program provides academic support to targeted students in 3rd-6th grades.

    Bagley offers students a Counselor, Psychologist, School Social Worker, Occupational and Speech Therapist to support all students’ success. We offer  an Exceptional Special Education program for Cognitive Impaired and Resource students. Additionally, Bagley is a Goal Line School which provides a transportation loop serving the families of Northwest Detroit.