School Dress Code

  • Daily uniform is as follows:



    Must have button down or straight collars.  Turtlenecks and polo styles are permitted.  All Shirts must be worn tucked inside pants, slacks or shirts.  Long or short sleeves with a collar required.  The colors are as follows for each grade level.

    Pre-K-4th Grade

    White or Hunter Green

    5th Grade


    6th Grade

    Light Blue

    7th Grade

    Hunter Green

    8th Grade



    SLACKS/PANTS/SKIRT- All must be solid color: Khaki, navy blue, or black.  NO JEANS.  Slacks/Pants/skirts worn below the waist will not be tolerated.  


    Cardigan, and Sweaters-Solid Blue or black or match the accepted uniform color for the student's grade level.  All must be worn over a collared shirt, turtleneck or polo style top.




    Footwear-Students shall not wear house slipper, flip-flops, or any other type of footwear that could constitute a safety hazard.


    Noncompliance:  Students who choose not to comply with the uniform policy will receive a warning with a call to parents to bring a change of clothes.  Students may be subject to In School Suspension until a uniform is worn.  If appropriate uniform clothing is available at school, students will change into it.  


    Student Dress Down Days:


    There are NO regularly scheduled dress down days.  Dress down days will be announced IN WRITING in a letter to parents/guardians.  Parents/Guardians should not permit students to attend school out of uniform.  


    Should you have any questions regarding the uniform or require assistance please contact the school at (313) 252-3070.