• Diann Banks-Williamson Educational Center (DBWEC) Lions Dress for Success Standards

    To ensure that students are dressed in clothing conducive to promoting a positive learning environment, school dress code expacations are in place.

    Shirts: Shirts may be short sleeve, long sleeve, or button up in purple or gold. 

    • 9th graders - (purple or gold shirt)
    • 10th graders - (purple or gold shirt)
    • 11th graders - (purple or gold shirt)
    • 12th graders - (putple or gold shirt)


    • Must be Black or Khaki pants/skirts
    • No denim material or jeans of any kind
    • Pants should be solid in color 


    • Closed toed shoes or shoes with an ankle strap
    • No flip-flops
    • No slippers


    • All jackets must be put in students locker

    **T-shirts & polo tops are sold at the school. Please speak with Dr. Marsh, school principal about polo top prices and sizes. All order must be paid for by money order or cashier check. No cash will be exceptedl.