• Upon successful completion of the Essential Skills Transition Program (ESTP), students will have achieved successful mastery of the four domains as follows:


    Students will have successfully received a high school GED or equivalent and/or students will have completed the necessary training required in their field of study and gained appropriate certifications.


    Students will have completed all requirements for their individual field of study, including the attainment of necessary certifications. Students will have mastered required employability skills, including resume building and successful interview skills. 

    Adult Living​

    Students will have the skills necessary to function independently, including the ability to financially plan, self-advocate, perform basic housekeeping, understand basic home maintenance (as appropriate), time-management skills, accessing transportation, and other skills deemed appropriate for students on an independent basis.

    Community Participation

       Students will have a thorough understanding of what it means to live in a community, including appropriate socialization skills, ability to access resources (transportation, community agencies, etc.), and the promotion of meaningful community participation.