About the Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Sean Lively, Ed.D


Dr. Lively leads Crockett Midtown High School of Science and Medicine, equipped with a wide range of educational experience. He has 10 years of classroom teaching at the middle school and high school level. Along with 10 years as an administrator, his experience ranges from Elementary Principal, High School Principal, Adult and Community Education Principal and Director, and Director of Education and Career Success for the State of Michigan. Dr. Lively earned his bachelor's degree from Wayne State University, double majoring in History and Social Studies and minoring in English with an emphasis in secondary education. He earned his Master's degree from Northern Arizona University in Educational Leadership and Supervision with a K-12 principal certification.

Dr. Lively also completed his doctorate degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Wayne State University. His dissertation focused on the Detroit Promise Scholarship Program. Dr. Lively's experience in education, both in the classroom and as a school administrator, along with his track record for successful transformative school improvement strategies, puts him in a unique position as principal of Crockett Midtown High School. He has successfully led programs through positive transitions, securing financial stability, improving student performance, and increasing student enrollment. He has a passion for teaching, coaching, and leading, and until 2013 was actively coaching high school and college athletics.