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    At Carver STEM Academy, we're dedicated to empowering students to reach their full potential. With our motto, "The Mission IS Possible," students embrace Carver PRIDE: Producing Respectful Individuals Determined to Excel. From PreK to 8th grade, we offer a comprehensive educational experience, including specialized support such as our two ASD classes, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and diverse learning needs. Alongside our rigorous academic curriculum, students can explore interests in physical, art, and music education, fostering creativity and holistic development. Whether it's learning Arabic as a foreign language, participating in sports teams like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, engaging in strategic thinking in our vibrant chess club, or diving into robotics with our two robotics teams, there's something for everyone at Carver STEM Academy.


    Choosing Carver STEM Academy means becoming part of a supportive community where every student is valued and encouraged to succeed. Our dedicated teachers are passionate about nurturing each student's potential and creating a positive learning environment. With a rich array of academic offerings and extracurricular activities, including the At Bat program offered after school, students are empowered to discover their passions, develop essential skills, and achieve success. Currently, our enrollment stands at 433 students, and we're excited to welcome more students into the Carver STEM Academy family. Come join us and embark on an inspiring journey of growth and achievement, where "The Mission IS Possible" with Carver PRIDE!


    • Music, art, and physical education
    • Arabic as a foreign language
    • Basketball, volleyball, and cheer teams
    • Robotics, academic games, and chess teams
    • After-school tutoring and choir
  • Home of the Eagles
    PK - 8th
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