• The building will be open for students beginning at 7:15am for breakfast.  Students must enter through the Tracy door.  Breakfast will be served to students until 7:45am. 

    Students in grades K-8 will be dismissed from school at 2:40pm.  Below are the doors that each grade level will dismiss from:

    Grades K-2:  Dismiss out of Pembroke door

    Grades 3-5:  Dismiss out of Tracy door

    Grades 6-8:  Dismiss out of Lesure door

    **If you are a PreK parent/guardian, students will be dismissed beginning at 2:15 out of the Lesure door.   At 2:30pm, the remaining students not picked up will be taken back to the PreK classroom, and will wait until 2:40pm to be dismissed.  Early dismissal for PreK is to help with large traffic that takes place during regular dismissal times.  If you have a child in an upper grade that picks up a PreK sibling, they will be given a yearly pass and be allowed to pick their sibling up at their dismissal time.