Arrival/ Dismissal Procedures

  •    Breakfast:          7:15am to 7:30am   

       Morning Bell:     7:30am   

       Tardy Bell:          7:40am 

       Dismissal Bell:   2:40pm


    Students must enter the school through door #2 Tracey Door.


    Tardy students must enter through the Tracey Door and check-in with security.

    When students are tardy, they must sign in and receive a tardy pass from security before they go to class.


    Dismissal -Students are dismissed from their assigned door (Grade Prek-2: Pembroke Door, Grades 3-5: Tracey Door, Grades 6-8 Lesure Door).


    *Parents who would like to pick up their children early must report to the main office to sign their child out*.  Please refrain from picking students up in the last 40 minutes of school.