Vernor Transportation

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    If you have questions regarding DPSCD transportation, (313) 945- 8600.

    In addition, Dr. James Vernor Elementary School provides transportation for our students to and from school with the help of our DPSCD Office of Transportation. However, if you are interested in transportation provided to and from a latch-key program, consider our partnership with the Goal Line (Get On And Learn) Program at the Northwest Activity Center.

    Goal  Line After School Program: 

    The GOAL Line after-school program is a well-planned and organized enrichment program offered at the Northwest Activity Center (NWAC).  Spearheaded by the Community Education Commission (CEC),  it will provide families with much needed care and programming during latch-key hours.  Vernor students in grades from Kindergarten through 6th grade are eligible to participate.  This program mirrors the best practices of other accomplished after-school programs across the country with a proven track record of success.

    Timing:  Afterschool programming at the NWAC is offered following the end of Vernor's school day from 2:40 p.m. through 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

    Transportation:  GOAL Line buses pick-up students from Vernor on the lGOAL Loop and transport them to the NWAC.  At 6 pm, buses will take students back to a stop on the GOAL Line loop of a family's choosing.  GOAL Line bus transportation here is free.

     If preferred, parents can pick-up their children directly from the NWAC.


    The after-school program includes:

    • Snacks and Free Play:  Upon arrival at the NWAC, students unwind with a short session of free activity and a snack.
    • Homework Assistance/ Tutoring: Students receive assistance with homework.
    • Swimming: Supervised open swim is offered.  Swim instruction from trained professionals is offered as well.
    • Robotics: Engaging activities make learning fun and generate student interest in STEM courses.
    • Sports: Students participate in structured team sports.
    • Outdoor Play: After sitting in a classroom all day, there's nothing like a little fresh air and exercise outside!
    • Arts and Crafts: Students receive the tools they need to spark imagination and creative play.
    • Other Supervised Activities:  Students participate in a variety of other activities throughout the week, including games, supervised internet access, movies, reading and board games.

              For additional details, please visit or call (313) 224 - 1222.