•  Greetings Crusader Family,  
     I am so excited to welcome each of you to what I believe will be an amazing school year! This year I am proud to present you with our Back II School Packet, which contains all of the vital information to ensure your student’s school year starts off right. On August 6th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., we are excited to welcome you to MLK for the Back II School Jam! This will be a fun, get-to-know-you event featuring information on the upcoming school year, popcorn, MLK clubs, an organization sign-up, and information from some of our partners. On August 23rd (9th-10th) and August 24th (11th and 12th) from 3-6 p.m. we are proud to welcome you to the MLK Back II School Orientation. During these sessions you will complete and submit any outstanding forms, students will take yearbook photos, sign up for after-school activities and receive a copy of their class schedule.  
     This year we will focus even more on academic achievement and instructional excellence in the classroom. Please take time to review the enclosed packet with your student. These will be the expectations that each member of the Crusader community will be held accountable for. To ensure that you, as our parent partners, receive more information on your student’s performance, we are committed to providing each student with a printed progress report every 3-4 weeks. This means you and your student will receive 8 printed progress reports on top of the district-mandated reports each quarter. This is coupled with the daily access you and your students have through the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal, which allows you both to see academic achievement and attendance data in real-time! 
     This will help every MLK student to maintain and exceed the 2.5-grade point average required of every exam high school student. As always, TOGETHER let’s all push to achieve the goal of EXCELLENCE here at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School.
     I firmly believe that eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard, nor minds able to fully conceive what we will be able to accomplish TOGETHER!  
    Educationally yours,   
     Damian H. Perry M.A. M.Ed.  
     Principal, Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School